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Lee is worried about being able to juggle his finances around his mounting university work

Lee’s story

Lee is in his second year of university and he has found it difficult to afford the course books and other essential expenses related to his studies. He decided to take out a credit card as a source of additional funds.

Lee already has a part time job to help him make ends meet. He has decided to get another part time job to help him clear the credit card whilst still managing his university fees and course expenses.

With the new job he has now started to struggle with his university schedule, he is now not sure what to do as he doesn’t want to fail university, but also doesn’t want to fall behind with his creditors.

Lee spoke to his housemates about his situation. Having been in similar situations themselves, they advised Lee to contact his creditors.

How we helped

  • When Lee called us, we listened to him and didn’t judge him or make any demands of payment.
  • We worked with Lee to understand his financial situation in detail.
  • We agreed a payment plan that Lee could afford, whilst also considering his other financial commitments.
  • We advised Lee of third party companies that could also help for free.
  • We ensured Lee had all the details he needed to contact us in the future. We also made him aware of the online portal that he can access and use whenever he wants if he doesn’t feel like speaking to someone.
  • Lee was worried about contacting us, and he was unaware of the help that was available to him. After speaking to us, Lee felt relieved and could concentrate on his studies.

Other ways you can get help

  • StepChange is a debt charity, helping almost 600,000 people a year to resolve their debt problems. They are the UK’s largest provider of free independent advice and solutions.
  • Money Advice Service offers free impartial advice, and is set up by the government. They can provide advice and guides to help improve your finances. They have tools and calculators to help keep track and plan ahead. They provide support in person, over the phone or online.

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