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Michelle wants to help Steve with his finances but isn't sure how she can help

Steve and Michelle’s story

Michelle noticed Steve had looked incredibly stressed and tired recently.

Michelle took Steve out for a coffee and found out he is having difficulty with his finances and it was starting to get him down.

Steve has been struggling to pay his priority bills whilst also paying his creditors. Michelle offered to help Steve by getting in touch with his creditors on his behalf.

How we helped

  • Michelle called Capquest to discuss Steve’s account with us.
  • We explained to Michelle that we couldn’t discuss Steve’s account directly with her, but we explained what information she could gather for Steve and how we would be able to help.
  • Once we had authority from Steve, we were able to go through the details of the account with Michelle and she helped us to understand Steve’s situation.
  • During the call we were able to explain what options were available, and agreed the next steps to help support Steve.
  • We also advised about the online portal where they can use our budgeting tool and keep track of Steve’s account in their own time.
  • Michelle wasn’t sure how she could help Steve, but after speaking to us she felt she was able to support Steve because they were clear on the practical steps that we put in place.

Other ways you can get help

  • StepChange is a debt charity, helping almost 600,000 people a year to resolve their debt problems. They are the UK’s largest provider of free independent advice and solutions.
  • Money Advice Service offers free impartial advice, and is set up by the government. They can provide advice and guides to help improve your finances. They have tools and calculators to help keep track and plan ahead. They provide support in person, over the phone or online.

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