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Henryk is struggling to come to terms with his addiction and how it has affected his family and finances

Henryk’s story

Henryk started placing bets on the odd game of football. He had a few good wins early on, but his luck soon changed.

He increased his level of gambling, chasing the next big win, but his losses mounted ever higher.

Henryk started to borrow from friends, family and payday loan companies to fund his gambling habit. His embarrassment stopped him from being upfront with his family and friends, instead hiding the mounting debts.

Debts started to default and he was receiving letters to his home.

He confided in his friend who advised him to get help for gambling and contact his creditors.

How we helped

  • We listened to Henryk, and he shared his story of what had happened and how he came to be in his current situation.
  • We showed empathy and talked Henryk through the various options that were available to him.
  • We worked with Henryk to understand his specific finances. We agreed a payment plan to pay off his Capquest debt. We ensured the monthly payments were affordable and sustainable.
  • We advised Henryk of third party companies that could also help for free.
  • We ensured Henryk had all the details he needed to contact us in the future. We also made him aware of the online portal that he can access and use whenever he wants if he doesn’t feel like speaking to someone.
  • After speaking to us Henryk felt better about his finances and he knew we were there to help and support him throughout his journey with us.

Other ways you can get help

  • StepChange is a debt charity, helping almost 600,000 people a year to resolve their debt problems. They are the UK’s largest provider of free independent advice and solutions.
  • NHS Livewell offers help and support for a variety of addictions. It is estimated that 2 million people in the UK suffer with addiction. It is important to know you are not alone.

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