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customer stories

Are you worried about your finances?

Have you experienced a change in circumstances that has left you with less money to pay your bills? You are not alone; please look at the customer stories below to see how Capquest can help.

The following stories are reflective of real customers; however we have used fictitious names, events and photos of actors.

Michelle wants to help Steve with his finances

She wants to help Steve with his finances but isn’t sure how she can help.

Emma’s income has reduced

She is struggling to pay her bills since her income has reduced.

Sophia finds it difficult to budget

She has recently moved out of her parent’s home, and is struggling to juggle her bills.

Kath suffers with mental health issues

This means she often finds it difficult to deal with everyday life, without the struggles of managing her finances.

Henryk is struggling with addiction

He is struggling to come to terms with his addiction and how it has affected his family and finances.

Colin has recently suffered bereavement

He is in need of support since losing his wife.

Lee is struggling at university

He is worried about being able to juggle his finances around his mounting university work.

Alex is suffering with ill health

He recently had a heart attack; he has now had to step back from his active job and is struggling to get back to work.